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 Petition For Stun Squad Leader

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Petition For Stun Squad Leader Empty
PostSubject: Petition For Stun Squad Leader   Petition For Stun Squad Leader EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 6:14 am

Dear Haversters,

I, Drakekhan hereby formally request to be a Stun Squad Leader which will lead a team of selected warriors

doing the stun locks assisting the Catapult team or Attack team or the Defence team (Situational/at the given moment).

Background: I believe i could forge an effective stun lock squad and it's needed in Territory War A.K.A

TW in short.

Reasons: In our recent TWs, i noticed there were insufficient leaders to lead the squad so we need train some potential

leaders to rise at the occasion. A voice from the back of my head chanting to my concious mind



I am asking you to sign this so that people like me have a chance to be what he wishes to be .

I am asking the higher faction management to take action for the good of harvesters who wish to do well in Territory

Wars. Getting Pride and Honour in what we are doing.

All i ask is your support!

*Indicate your class, level and your position in Harvester

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Petition For Stun Squad Leader
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